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hitbtc cas eth

Casha CAS ; Bitcoin BTC · HitBTC · e-9 BTC ; Ethereum ETH · HitBTC · e-6 ETH ; United States dollar USD · HitBTC · USD ; Euro EUR · CoinGecko . Despite the reputation, HitBTC is one of the exchange platforms that use the BTC BTC BCC BCC ETH ETH ETC ETC USDT USDT. Total In, ETH. Total Out. Transactions. Transactions HitBTC Token, 1,, HIT. $ , (%) Ethereum cash, ETCS. CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT TRACKING SPREADSHEET

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HitBTC was founded in and the real founder has never been disclosed. It is unclear whether the company is in EU or Hong Kong right now. All of this raises a bit of suspicion, yet they are doing pretty well for now, but with a few controversies involved. To sum up, HitBTC has the best technology but since their beginnings, they have been the subject of several hack attacks. Furthermore, their behavior is still a bit hazy and the lack of transparency leads to suspicion. However, they are not marked as a scam site and have a great daily volume even today, made by satisfied long-term users who like the fees and the anonymity that the platform provides.

If you decide to trade only with cryptocurrency, there is no need for verification. On the other hand, using fiat currency on the platform requires a thorough verification process which includes you sending a verification request to their email compliance hitbtc. You need to provide all your personal info, address, bank account info, proof of residence and even a proof that you are an owner of the bank account.

There are three types of accounts which differ when it comes to the limits:. The fee system is great and the market trades are usually charged only 0. Also, there is a further 0. Make sure that you have enough assets of the amount that you wish to withdraw. BTC 0. They provide an access to their trading engines and the traders can use API to improve their experience of trading.

Hitbtc cas eth list of tokens that use ethereum hitbtc cas eth


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Public market data available without authentication, for other requests authentication is required. You can create multiple API keys with different permissions for your applications. Symbol config contain tickSize parameter which means that price should be divide by tickSize without residue. Quantity should be divide by quantityIncrement without residue. By default, if strictValidate not enabled, server round half down price and quantity for tickSize and quantityIncrement.

Fee charged in symbol feeCurrency. Maker-taker fees offer a transaction rebate provideLiquidityRate to those who provide liquidity the market maker , while charging customers who take that liquidity takeLiquidityRate. For buy orders you must have enough available balance including fees.

The Request object has the following members: - method - A String containing the name of the method to be invoked. If it is not included it is assumed to be a notification. A Notification is a Request object without an "id" member. A Request object that is a Notification signifies the Client's lack of interest in the corresponding Response object, and as such no Response object needs to be returned to the client. The Notification object has the following members: - method - A String containing the name of the method to be invoked.

The value of this member is determined by the method invoked on the Server. The parameters of requests, responses, and errors correspond to REST, but usage flow differ. First you should subscribe for interested data. Then server send full snapshot of data, after that server send update notification. Your requests execute in requested order.

Do not use this message to cancel the remaining quantity of an outstanding order, use the Cancel Request message for this purpose. Stipulates that a newly entered order is to cancel a prior order entered, but yet to be executed. Accepted values: 0 - Default offset Number of results offset.

Default 0 sort Sort direction. Accepted values: id, timestamp from If filter by timestamp, then datetime. Otherwise object id till If filter by timestamp, then datetime. Significant excess of the Rate Limits can lead to a suspend. Retrieving and updating account state Use Streaming API for real time updates of your orders and trades and any transactions changes.

Authorisation required or failed Forbidden. Your connection is being rate limited Internal Server. Internal Server Error Service Unavailable. Service is down for maintenance Gateway Timeout. Request timeout expired Error response All error responses have error code and human readable message fields.

Accepted values: id, timestamp. Default is M30 30 minutes. Uniqueness must be guaranteed within a single trading day, including all active orders. GTC order won't close until it is filled. IOC - An immediate or cancel order is an order to buy or sell that must be executed immediately, and any portion of the order that cannot be immediately filled is cancelled.

FOK - Fill or kill is a type of time-in-force designation used in securities trading that instructs a brokerage to execute a transaction immediately and completely or not at all. Day - keeps the order active until the end of the trading day in UTC. GTD - Good till date specified in expireTime. Time in milliseconds. Max Default none.

Default - limit. Default - GDC. Required for limit types. Could be negative — reward. Too low and too high commission value will be rounded to valid values. If set true then total will be spent the specified amount, fee and networkFee will be deducted from the amount autoCommit Boolean Default true.

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