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DemyanA Morales. Bitcoin Miner at Plus™. Plus™University of Nebraska at Omaha. Omaha Metropolitan Area35 connections. Plus sells Bitcoin contracts for difference (CFDs). This means that you are not actually trading Bitcoin, but that you are trading an. "TradingGator's article about Plus Bitcoin CFDs helps traders understand these instruments better.". CRYPTO CONFERENCES BLOGS

Once they want to make a purchase or sell their coin, they will need to go to the open market and ensure that they have the proper password for their wallet. With CFDs, traders do not need to own the underlying asset. When trading with Plus, traders can open leveraged positions, gaining greater exposure to the instrument without paying commission. At the same time, if the value of Bitcoin drops below the value at which the position was opened, they will have a loss.

On the other hand, if they believe that the value of Bitcoin will drop, they can benefit from this too. Traders who trade Bitcoin with Plus can trade this and other cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day. Having continuous access to the real-time price for this digital coin ensures that traders can confidently open and close positions without worrying about digital wallets or a lack of buyers in the market.

While many digital currencies, such as Ethereum and Ripple XRP have risen to popularity since the minting of Bitcoin, none have reached its relatively high valuation or rate of adoption. The short history of Bitcoin is full of speculation, rapid highs, and deep lows.

Traders should be aware of the volatile nature of all cryptocurrencies and remain vigilant to the price movements for their open trades. Plus uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. You can click accept or continue browsing to consent to cookies usage. Read our Cookie Policy to learn more.

How Bitcoin Works Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that can be used to pay for goods and services anywhere that it is accepted. However, some traders will be concerned about the lack of enhanced security measures, especially since these applications provide a direct line of access to funded accounts.

Clients are also unable to use the MT4 mobile application, which has greater functionality and may be a more familiar interface for experienced investors. The call and put options CFDs that Plus offers work similar to the exchange-traded standard options, but the main difference is that they are cash settled. You don't have the right to exercise the trade on the underlying asset. The most glaring omission is the lack of a telephone number, even for sales inquiries.

While the customer service options are limited, Investopedia received responses to each of the chats and emails submitted within a few minutes, which is a comparatively prompt response time. No in-person support is available. We tested the email service. Plus states that its revenue is derived from the spread which would imply that this data would be collected and should be disclosed to prospective clients as other competitors do.

The email response was a follows:. In any case, these two FX pairs are offered with a dynamic spread, which follows the market spread and is added on top of it, as it is the main compensation for our services. Plus provides some resources to help you get started with trading CFDs on the platform.

There is a video series called "Trader's Guide" as well as an ebook. They additionally offer risk management resources and market news. The broker does provide one legally-required "Key Information Document" KID that outlines the basics of what each available instrument is and the risks associated with trading it. The KID has summary information on commodities, cryptocurrencies availability subject to regulation , ETFs, forex, indexes, options, and equities.

Overall, Plus has an average offering of educational materials, but it would be wise to seek supplemental material elsewhere, especially given the risky nature of CFD trading. Plus does not provide a trading journal or tax accounting tools on the platform. Plus has very little to offer when it comes to research, analysis, tools and commentary.

The company provides little in-house research articles or videos. The broker does, however, provide economic and earnings calendars, which are useful. Also provided is a news and market insights section. Plus also provides customizable charts where traders can conduct technical analysis on any of the instruments under trading consideration. Additionally, it provides a "Traders' Sentiment" indicator that shows traders what percentage of Plus clients are buying and selling an instrument, and a "Live Statistics" indicator that shows the instrument's performance for 5-minute, minute, and 1-day time frames.

The company acts as principal and hedges its exposure with its parent company to eliminate market risk and to ensure it is not exposed to material losses. While Plus does not provide additional deposit insurance, it is registered with the relevant regulatory authorities throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific region:. In accordance with the U. FCA's client money rules, Plus is required to take steps to ensure client funds are not commingled with corporate funds, thereby safeguarding client money and assets in the event that the company becomes insolvent, by holding those funds in segregated accounts at regulated banks.

Plus also offers negative balance protection, which is mandated under ESMA rules that went into effect in , ensuring that clients cannot lose more than they have put into their accounts. Guaranteed stop loss orders can be used on some instruments depending on market conditions but they are subject to a wider spread. There is a timer that will log the user out of both the web-based and mobile applications if they are not being used. Plus clearly targets those who are looking for an interface for executing trades without the need for advanced functionality.

The broker's spreads are competitive, which keeps costs low, and the proprietary WebTrader platform is intuitively functional. Clients of Plus U. Not providing MT4 as an alternate platform, and no auto-trading make this broker unsuitable for technically oriented traders.

Furthermore, Plus is not the most beginner friendly place to trade either due to its weak educational resources combined with the complexity and risk of CFD trading. However, experienced investors who prefer to enter and exit their trades manually may find the functionality trade-off worth the lower expenses. Investopedia is dedicated to providing investors with unbiased, comprehensive reviews and ratings of online brokers. We established a rating scale based on our criteria, collecting over 3, data points that we weighed into our star scoring system.

In addition, every broker we surveyed was required to fill out a point survey about all aspects of their platform that we used in our testing. Many of the online brokers we evaluated provided us with in-person demonstrations of their platforms at our offices.

Our team of industry experts, led by Theresa W. Carey , conducted our reviews and developed this best-in-industry methodology for ranking online investing platforms for users at all levels. Click here to read our full methodology. Financial Conduct Authority. Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses.

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It is the original and most widely used cryptocurrency in circulation. Unlike prevailing payment methods, which rely on centralised payment processing systems, Bitcoin is powered through a cryptographic peer-to-peer network that does not depend on middlemen such as banks or other financial institutions. People who wish to invest in Bitcoin normally need to first setup a digital wallet, i. It is not possible to short sell digital Bitcoins.

Transactions on the Plus app can be carried out in both directions Buy or Sell , and a high level of liquidity is ensured through the use of real-time price feeds from major Bitcoin exchanges. Plus's Bitcoin CFDs are available for trading around the clock and on weekends except for one hour on Sundays. When trading these asset classes in the form of CFDs, the primary difference between them is a matter of leverage. Plus offers leverage of up to for trading Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, meaning any potential profits or losses will be multiplied.

To learn more about all the trading instruments available at Plus, click here. Please note that as a CFD trader you do not actually own the underlying asset — Bitcoin, Forex pair or stock — but you are rather trading on their anticipated price change, in the form of a Buy or Sell position. We provide a number of trading tools that can be used as part of risk management strategies when trading in volatile markets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Note that these stop orders do not guarantee your position will close at the exact price level you have specified. If the price suddenly gaps or slips down or up, at a price beyond your stop level, your position may be closed at the next available price, which can be a different price than the one you have set. This is referred to as 'Slippage'. Add favourite Set alert. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile.

BITA Spread Learn More About Trading. All News. Why Plus? This is a very basic video on how to open and close a long buy and short sell position on the trading platform plus Knowledge By Marcus. Welcome in Marcus Stone Finances, where I focus on wisely spending and wisely investing of your money : I compare financial How to Buy Bitcoin in Plus?

Plus Bitcoin Plus for beginners. Plus Bitcoin app. Avvertenza di Rischio: I CFD sono strumenti complessi e presentano un rischio elevato di perdere denaro rapidamente a causa One of the best ways to make money on the Internet is to buy and sell in the currency market. By doing this, you can earn big We can now short-sell cryptos!

Get ready! How to long or short crypto currencies and bitcoin in margin leverage trading. In this video I review Plus I explain what investors need to look out for when navigating the platform and the If you're a Plus trader who wants to expand your knowledge on trading with Plus, or if you're interested in trading with Once you've opened your account, click on the Account Funding button in the upper right corner of the page and then they'll Solana: SOL Potential in !?

Insider Info in my Socials guy. Plus is a leading CFD trading platform, offering a vast variety of financial instruments. You can buy or sell any instrument Crypto Daily Trade Signals.

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Because you can also open a short position , you can open a position on a falling crypto market. Finally, you have the option to apply a leverage which allows you to open a larger position with a smaller amount. Do you want to try the possibilities on Plus completely free with a demo account? Then use the button below to directly open an account with Plus On the website you only have to leave an email address and password to use the online WebTrader directly. If you want to start trading bitcoin CFDs with real money, you must first leave some more data.

Plus is an online trading platform, and they are required by law to confirm your identity first. Normally, you need a wallet when you buy bitcoins. A digital wallet is a way to store crypto coins securely. A major disadvantage of the wallet is that it can be hacked. In the past, it has happened regularly that smart hackers have stolen large amounts of bitcoins.

Fortunately, on Plus you do not trade with a wallet in bitcoins. On Plus you never even directly buy Bitcoin. With Plus you trade in the price trend of the bitcoin by using CFDs. CFD stands for contract for difference and this is a type of derivative with which you can speculate on price increases and price drops of the Bitcoin. In our Bitcoin Plus tutorial we show how you can open a trading position within the platform of Plus After you are logged in on Plus you can navigate to the cryptocurrency category within the platform.

It is important to remember that you have a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. When you press one of the two buttons, the Bitcoin order screen opens. Below you can see what this looks like:. In this screen you can enter the details of the position in the Bitcoin CFD. First you have to determine how many Bitcoins you want to trade. You can also enter whether you automatically want to take your loss or profit at a certain price.

By setting these values you can automate the trading activities in Bitcoin as much as possible. It is also possible to place an order on the bitcoin. You do this by setting a value at which you automatically buy Bitcoin CFDs. By using orders, you can respond to market developments without having to be physically behind your computer. You can use a leverage on Plus On cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the maximum leverage is one to two.

In practice, using leverage makes both your potential gains and your potential losses accumulate twice as fast. With leverage you can therefore take extra advantage of small price changes. You can lose your entire deposit faster when you use leverage. You can read in detail how this works in the article on leverage trading. It is also important to remember that you do not invest directly in Bitcoin. On Plus you trade in a price contract on the Bitcoin.

The CFDs on the Bitcoin therefore expire every 60 days. When the contract expires, your position on the Bitcoin will be closed automatically. This means that your open profit or loss becomes final. You can respond to this by opening a new Bitcoin position. You do pay the transaction costs every time you open a position again. When the Bitcoin contract expires in a few hours, it is probably better to wait a while before opening a trade on the digital currency.

When you open a new transaction, you pay the transaction costs again. At Plus you have the option to short sell the Bitcoin. This is advantageous: by shorting the Bitcoin, you can speculate on a fall in the Bitcoin price. The Bitcoin is a very volatile currency that can drop and rise several percent multiple times a day.

Because you can place orders in both falling and rising markets, you can make a trade within any market situation. This is advantageous: it makes it possible to trade actively in the price movements of the Bitcoin with smaller amounts of money. However, trading in Bitcoins at Plus is not completely free. There are two ways in which Plus charges costs for your trading activities.

Plus is one of the most reputable brokers in Bitcoin trading. In this review, you will learn everything about Plus We have tested the platform and will talk about the user experience, trading tools, trading instruments, fees and limits, margin trading and much more. At the end of the review, there are simple step-by-step instructions for how to open a Plus account and getting started. Plus also offers a free and unlimited demo account!

However, trading is risky and profitable trading takes time and experience. With a demo account, you can start experimenting with Bitcoin trading. Read more about different accounts at Plus below. It contains important advice and trading tips! Plus provides CFD contracts in a number of financial markets. It was the first broker to start offering Bitcoin CFDs, creating a brand new market. As the name suggests, there is a contract between the trader and the exchange.

It was created to allow investors to speculate on the Bitcoin price without having to buy and own it. There is high demand for this on the financial market for several reasons. In addition, to safely buy Bitcoin you need some technical knowledge. Plus is a regulated trading platform that offers many trading tools. Margin trading is one of the most important tools for a Bitcoin trader because you can leverage your positions more about this below.

The few exchanges that offer margin trading on the crypto market are not considered reliable. CFDs are also flexible because traders can take place long and short positions, which is not offered at many exchanges. A short position, is selling first and then buying later. The difference between the sale price and the buy price will then produce a profit.

However, it can not be used as a long-term investment. Bitcoin CFD trading is for individuals who want to speculate in the short term price. Plus offers leverage trading up to which varies between instruments and countries. This allows traders to generate significantly more money in addition to their own capital. But it also means that you can lose more money. Plus has negative balance protection , but you risk your capital with margin trading.

The trading platform offers a generous leverage for cryptocurrencies. We recommend to start slowly but surely and learn from mistakes. Bitcoin trading is also easier because the price is volatile and moves a lot. For this reason, many traders from the stock market are entering crypto which increases the competition. CFD also has the advantage of low fees in relation to other methods in the crypto market. Bitcoin CFD trading makes it possible to take advantage of price changes. Plus is the leader in Bitcoin CFD trading.

In this review, you will learn all pros and cons with the Plus trading platform. However, there is no telephone support available. The experience was good when we tested their live chat support. We got quick answers to all questions, and the staff was professional. On regular Bitcoin exchanges, there is usually long waiting times. Plus also lists common questions and answers on its website.

There are two different types of accounts on Plus The first is a demo account that is free and available for an indefinite period. For beginners, it may be a good idea to learn how the platform works with a demo account. However, real money is necessary to learn trading cryptocurrencies. Trading is psychology, and you will act differently when money is involved. We recommend that beginners open a demo account or start with a small amount of money.

Start with the minimum deposit amount and learn from your mistakes. It will also be easier to get started with Bitcoin trading if you decide in advance your trading amount. At the end of the review, we have simple step-by-step instructions for opening an account and trade Bitcoin on Plus Open Account at Plus Plus was founded in , around the time that Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin.

The company expanded its services and became the first broker to offer Bitcoin CFDs on the market in Plus has created a strong reputation in the CFD market. For this reason, the trading platform can offer investors a safer way to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This means that your money on the Plus has an investor protection. Your protection depends on your country of residence because the company has different subsidiaries.

Bitcoin exchanges offer no investor protection, meaning that you lose your money if the company goes bankrupt. Plus has a large and growing customer base around the world. At the exchange, customers can easily diversify their money in cryptocurrencies. With 10 years of experience, Plus has become a leading CFD trading platform on the market. We notice that Plus has focused on creating a user-friendly platform. They also have a mobile platform with all features for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Plus is available in three different versions and 32 languages. Overall, the user experience is well thought out and good. We can recommend Plus to all active traders. At the end of the review, we will help you open an account. There you will get information about available trading instruments, current positions, closed positions and order history.

In the first tab, you can browse between different cryptocurrencies and trading instruments. There is also a charting tool , but you can only view one graph at a time on the screen. This makes it easy to switch between laptop and mobile without having to spend time learning a new interface. You can log in to the Plus app with TouchID or remain logged in.

Plus has several features such as an economic calendar , risk management tools and price alerts. It helps you keep track of important events on the market, minimize losses with stop loss settings, and get real-time price notifications via email, text messages or push notifications. In the next section, you will learn everything about their trading tools. Bitcoin traders using the Plus CFD platform have access to a variety of trading tools and features. It includes technical chart tools for analyzing cryptocurrencies.

Risk management tools such as guaranteed stop loss and price warnings. Transparent order information that shows the sentiment in the market. Below we go through all trading tools, how they work, what makes them good and what they lack. Technical analysis is the most important tool for all traders. Plus has a chart tool that works perfectly well, but there are better options.

The trading screen har a user interface that is divided into three sections with a navigation menu on the left. The upper section of the trading screen displays available instruments including cryptocurrencies. The bottom section shows the chart tool, and to the right, you place your order.

The chart tool has all the basic features that traders can expect. You can choose between line chart and candlestick chart , there are different indicators , time intervals and more. The most popular charting tool for technical analysis is undoubtedly TradingView. We recommend combining their chart tool software with Plus Plus has multiple risk management tools that can lock in profits , minimize losses and create peace of mind for traders.

You can automatically close your position at a higher price Limit or lower price Stop Loss. This means that you can decide in advance your maximum possible loss. We strongly recommend all Bitcoin traders to use a stop loss to minimize the risk. Especially when you trade with leverage and cryptocurrencies that are volatile. The following tools are available:. Note: Prices above are illustrative as they change all the time.

The order placement is transparent and displays all important information. It shows the percentage of long and short positions on the market. An indicator that can be used to determine trends in the crypto market. More information displayed is Spread , the difference between buying and selling price. Leverage together with Initial Margin and Maintenance Margin. The amount required to open the position and keep the position open. Plus offers many trading instruments on its platform.

Below we have listed all the cryptocurrencies and other instruments available today. There is a huge range of stocks from 21 different countries. Even if you trade cryptocurrencies, you have the option to buy and sell stocks on the same platform. Plus also has index and stock options, although the offer is smaller. For each index and stock, there are around ten different types of options. Plus has a large and wide range of ETFs in commodities and indices.

There are around 80 different ETFs which we have chosen not to list here. Visit their website for more information. There is also a large variety of different currencies on Plus Plus was the first CFD broker to offer Bitcoin trading in The trading platform also offered Bitcoin margin trading , which is still unusual on the market. This means that you only need a fraction of the total value of your position, the rest is effectively lent to you.

You are essentially borrowing money when using leverage.

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