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Bitcoin. $. ; How it works. Buy your CGift card. Select the card value and the payment method of your choice. Track your purchase and redeem. Once. But before you go to the crypto exchange and start buying, be sure you've done your study and know what you're doing. Bitcoin is quickly. Welcome to Patricia, the industry leader in Giftcard and Bitcoin exchange. Patricia allows you to securely buy or sell Giftcards and Bitcoin of any value. LEGIT BITCOIN GAMBLING SITES

At the end of the day, you should be able to choose how to sell stuff, and which delivery method is more convenient for you. Buysellvouchers is doing a great job in this are because it has an anti fraud system in place right from the start. What that does is it helps filter the rogue users and it just makes the experience better every time. Buysellvouchers always try to take care of and support reliable sellers. Being able to buy and sell with the desired digital currency is what really makes it different, and the benefits as a whole are always very impressive.

Live supportOne thing to note about Buysellvouchers is that it offers live support. Live support work time is between 8. Buysellvouchers continue to grow and the sooner you sign up as a seller, the sooner you will be able to build your reputation and earn revenue. Complete support for 7 languagesSometimes you just want to sell in your local language. ConclusionWe recommend using Buysellvouchers if you are looking for where to sell gift cards. This is the ideal place with all the features you want, the protection you need and the numerous extras which make selling voucher and gift cards a breeze.

You want to at least check it out for yourself and see how it all works. In the end, the benefits are second to none, and you will be more than happy with the process. The Previous Articles:- Are gift cards taxable? Interested in buying real-world products with cryptocurrency?

Unfortunately, most online and brick-and-mortar retailers do not take crypto as payment, so you must first convert your crypto to cash through a crypto exchange, deposit it into your bank account, and then purchase it from a merchant. These are time-consuming and pricey. But there is a simple, quicker, and cheaper solution. Buy and sell gift cards with crypto at BuySellVouchers. To purchase a gift card with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, read on.

We shall also cover how gift cards operate and the benefits of buying them with cryptos. What are gift cards? A gift card is meant to be given as a gift, which is why they refer as gift cards. Their value and denominations may be different. Gift cards may use for online purchases or in-store purchases.

When purchasing a gift card, it depends on the gift card you are buying. Digital gift cards often feature a PIN that is entered upon checkout on the retailer's website. Other gift cards that may use in-store may include barcodes.

This barcode may be printed or save on your phone and be shown to the cashier when paying. Also, you may buy gift cards using bitcoin anonymously. How do standard gift cards work? People often choose between two unique gift card types: 1. Closed-loop:Closed-loop gift cards are usually bought at certain companies like Amazon, Starbucks, or the Google Play Store.

In-person and online usage of gift cards is common nowadays. Also, keep in mind that some large corporations run many retail brands. If you obtain a gift card from one of these firms, you may be able to spend it at all of their locations. Closed-loop cards usually do not have activation fees! You may or may not be able to reload a closed-loop card. If you do not use these cards within a specific time frame, their funds may expire, however, this is less usual now. Open-loop:It is a different story when it comes to open-loop gift cards.

Like cash, large payment companies frequently provide them. They look like standard debit and credit cards used by most retailers. These gift cards may use both in-store and online. This kind of gift card is quite popular because of its flexibility. They may also add more money to the account. With modest costs, they will be able to get started. Purchasers normally pay these fees at the time of purchase.

How do digital gift cards work? The main distinction is that receivers get their codes through email. The people who purchased the cards as presents also receive copies for verification. The code may be entered during the checkout process if using an online digital gift card.

Also, they may attach the card to an existing purchasing account. In many cases, digital gift cards may be redeemed in a physical store. It is not unheard of to find digital gift cards only redeemable online. Customer service specialists can provide accurate information about your digital gift card and its features. What is BuySellVouchers? Get your bitcoins for gift cards and vouchers at BuySellVouchers.

While many internet markets do not enable crypto purchases, BuySellVouchers marketplace does. Here you may easily buy and sell products for crypto and e-currency. The website does not provide gift certificates or vouchers. Instead, it is a place where buyers and sellers may meet. That means many businesses will take your crypto in return for gift cards and vouchers.

BuySellVouchers site validates merchants and shows sales, reviews, and so on. What platforms can you buy from if you use BuySellVouchers? On the BuySellVouchers site, you may trade cryptocurrencies for gift cards and vouchers. There are a lot of firms out there who have them. No cryptocurrency or e-currency is supported by many of these well-known brands. Now you may swap your crypto and invest for the long term with BuySellVouchers. If done correctly, the potential is unrivalled.

Check the tutorial on how to buy gift cards with crypto: Official distributors of many different firms utilize BuySellVouchers to sell gift cards, proving the platform's credibility and usefulness to users. Every vendor vets to guarantee only the best remain on the site. It overcomes worries and allows you to concentrate on the best outcomes. What gift card categories does BuySellVouchers support? Amazon gift card:The Amazon gift card is a versatile present that may be given for any occasion.

Its features and branding will make it a popular gift. The Amazon gift card may use on Amazon website. It is incredible to purchase Kindle literature, music, and video downloads. Enjoy the Amazon gift card deal online. If you have a close friend who enjoys digital entertainment or reading books, an Amazon gift card is the ideal present for him. Everything offered on Amazon that can be bought with a gift card may be bought with an Amazon gift card via Amazon gift card vendors.

In short, it is a gift of pure pleasure, relaxation, and excitement. Purchase applications, games, and books through the App Store or iTunes Store. The iTunes gift card is perfect for your bookworm or movie fan friend since it enables you to give them anything they want, whether it's apps, movies, games, or everything in between.

Razer Gold gift card:The Razer Gold gift card is a global credit for gamers. You can buy Razer cards online, but only redeem them on Razer. The main site for Razer gift cards is Razer. To enrol for Razer gift cards, enter your Razer gift card number and pin in the payment section during checkout. Reloading a Razer gift card is not possible. Spotify gift card:With a Spotify gift card, you can listen to any song you choose. It has excellent sound quality. Spotify gift cards are available from some well-known technology and retail companies.

Once purchased, gift cards are valid for one year. Spotify gift vouchers are only redeemable for Premium Individual accounts. A Spotify Premium membership allows you to download songs, build playlists, and listen to music without ads. Spotify gift cards cannot be used for student or military memberships.

Microsoft Windows Store gift card:A Microsoft Windows store gift card covers all technical requirements. It may be used to buy equipment, software, movies, games, and much more. You may purchase a physical or digital Microsoft Windows gift card. The actual card is available through the Windows Store globally. Steam gift cards:Steam gift cards are available in both physical and digital formats. When submitting a tangible copy, actual cards are preferred.

They are widely available in retail outlets worldwide and frequently come in a range of denominations. With the Steam Wallet, you do not need an actual credit card to send money to another Steam user. If you have a Steam account, you may easily give a gift to your friend. After purchasing or transferring a Steam key, the recipient may begin using it right away.

Remember, much like money or a credit card, the Steam gift card code must be kept safe. Buying a Steam gift card online has one major advantage: it usually offers for less than its value. Google Play gift card:These are the best methods to access and purchase stuff on Google Play. Cards are digital or physical. Each Google Play gift card code has a unique balance. For each Android device, there is a Google Play account. These gift cards are ideal to be given to minors who cannot use Google Play's wallet.

It is a kind of digital money used to purchase stuff from the PlayStation Store. The month PS Plus membership enables gamers to play online with compatible games and gives monthly discounts on selected video games. Xbox gift card:Game, applications, movies, and TV series may be purchased by using Xbox gift cards. Even if you do not possess an Xbox, you may use Xbox gift card credit to buy games and movies on a Windows PC.

Xbox gift cards never expire. So, it is the ideal present for Xbox owners. Netflix gift card:A Netflix gift card is ideal for anybody who enjoys movies, thrillers, comedies, romances, and action series. It relieves tension nowadays.

If you have a single friend or family member who wants a partner to relax with, then Netflix is the ideal choice. They started in , LocalBitcoins has been around for almost a decade and the volume of trade keeps growing. You will find a lot of traders willing to exchange Bitcoin for your gift card. This is the most popular in the country and also has the highest volume of trade.

Also trusted and has been around for a while. Has a really wonderful customer support. This platform is relatively new yet reliable. Now, to our tips on trading your gift card safely. Pick buyers with many trade history. If you have more than one gift card start by trading one before trading more.

Pick reliable platforms with a good escrow mechanism in place.

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More Investing Coverage. How to invest in index funds in and out of retirement accounts. Paxful offers over payment methods , allowing its users to buy and sell bitcoin easily. As with any other peer-to-peer platform, Paxful struggles with filtering the scammers out of their platform. LocalBitcoins is a person-to-person bitcoin trading platform that specializes in connecting buyers and sellers. They pride themselves on having every payment method imaginable and providing anonymous options for people who want to keep to themselves.

When everything in your trade goes smoothly or you are dealing with an honest and decent trade partner , Localbitcoins is a fast way to buy bitcoin. Localbitcoins, like Paxful, is also susceptible to scammers as all peer-to-peer platforms are. In our opinion, Paxful is the way to go if you want to trade gift cards for bitcoins. The difference between the two peer-to-peer platforms is that Paxful has a better customer support system.

That is the key factor that Paxful has over Localbitcoins. With Localbitcoins on the other hand, people including myself have complained about both a laggy site and an unhelpful customer support team. Some people may have different opinions, but whoever is reading this should know that the key to choosing a platform is preference. Choose whatever makes you feel more comfortable. There are two parts to choosing the best offer: 1 being able to filter the scammers out and 2 selecting the best deals concerning pricing.

The trick to minimizing risks depends on the platform you decide to trade on. The risks are something that every trader should be aware of. These risks include the code being ripped from your gift card and sellers being unresponsive. Each platform has different tips and tricks when it comes to minimizing these risks. For the actual deals themselves, you will ideally want to look for an offer where you can get more bitcoins with your currency. After you have given the seller all the requirements and followed all of his or her instructions, wait for him or her to release the bitcoins from escrow both Paxful and Localbitcoins use an escrow system that protects buyers.

The process of buying bitcoin with gift cards can easily be reverse-engineered. Selling your bitcoins for gift cards is just as easy as the other way around. Giving clear offer terms and instructions are good ways to make your selling experience more comfortable and more efficient.

Obviously, the process of selling bitcoins would be different for each platform so be sure to explore each platform carefully and see which process fits you more. There are no additional fees for making a purchase with bitcoin with eGifter and you can also earn extra points when you buy gift cards with bitcoin. The best part is you can use your accrued eGifter points to pay for future gift cards. A peer-to-peer platform is highly recommended for these trades, and although there are a bunch to choose from, Paxful and Localbitcoins are probably your best bets.

Welcome to the roller-coaster! There are thousands of gift cards available to buy and sell with bitcoin. This guide will simplify all the ways you can buy and sell gift cards for bitcoin online easily. Best Peer-To-Peer Marketplace. Learn More. Best Gift Card Marketplace. Best Marketplace. Cons Buyers and sellers are at risk of being scammed.

Pros Available in every country of the world A diverse selection of buyers and sellers Supports many payment methods Buyers get their bitcoins fast Private. Cons Lack of cryptocurrency diversity Both sellers and buyers have a chance of being scammed. Search the website Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Bank Account. Every country except for a few see banned countries.

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The buyer then reversed the payment with their bank, and PayPal withdrew the payment from my account. So I owe the eBay money after they allowed the buyer to rip me off! I am sorry James. They seem to always side with the buyer even if the buyer is clearly in the wrong. Nick, they used to. Occasionally, a gift card may become temporarily unavailable. The ebay thing is going to be far more effort than it is worth. It is going to take you forever to find something an amazon that is cheaper than the average price on ebay.

I have been trying to unload an amazon credit off and on without taking a bath or exposing myself to fraud for half a year now. Everything is cheaper on ebay. My local grocery store, Safeway, sells gift cards on Amazon. I do surveys for a site that gives me some pretty hefty rewards on occasion in the form of Amazon credit.

I use that to buy a Safeway gift certificate, that I can print out and use instantly. I always need groceries, so I just use the gift certificate for my normal grocery shopping. I was researching this topic for an article and came across your blog. Look for a link from Amazon Hackers soon. Thanks for sharing! Annabell, you could either sell it on discount gift card sites or trade it using one of the methods in this post. Christopher, to my understanding, you can use an Amazon gift card at a Whole Food store.

These are as good as debit cards and can be used anywhere. Any way to get more details from Andrew? Amazon cardless gift cards are straight from the pit of hell. The promise of earning money while playing video games can be very tempting. After all, almost all of us want to get paid for doing something Tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see? Wish there was a way you could motivate yourself to exercise, eat better, and do all Is your manuscript itching to get read?

Maybe you should publish it yourself. The Joy of Cooking was self-published before it got picked up by Learn More. Stray Rescue of St. You are beside yourself. KashKick : Get paid directly to your PayPal! KashKick pays you doing fun things online! Join KashKick Now! Join Panda Research Today!

Daily Goodie Box : Want free stuff? Get your box now! Pinecone Research : Be the first to test emerging concepts for a variety of products. Join Pinecone Research Now! Swagbucks : Get paid to watch videos, shop online, take surveys and more. Table of Contents. Want high paying surveys? Ipsos is the most fun and well-paying panel. In fact, even Master Card or Visa gift cards will work just as well and allow you to easily buy Bitcoins. LocalBitcoins is one of the most famous Bitcoin peer-to-peer trading platforms.

It is based in Finland and has been functional since It is a very reputed site to buy bitcoins from sellers around the world. And the good news is, it supports more than 30 payment methods including dealings in iTunes gift cards! LocalBitcoins does not have any restrictions. You can try to sell gift cards for BTC, even if they were issued by an unpopular store. It is difficult to say how much money you will get for the card.

The price usually goes down, on average about 50 percent on this service. However, it is still better than just keeping a useless card in a wallet. Paxful is like eBay for cryptocurrency. The platform offers more than payment methods to choose from, including that of loaded gift cards, making it one of the most unique platforms on this list.

Also, apart from LocalBitcoins, this is the only platform which offers both buying and selling options, which is another great feature in itself. It is important to note that Paxful is an open service. Hence, there may be many scammers trying to steal money. Here you can buy crypto assets not only with a gift card but also with PayPal, Google Wally, and many more digital wallets. It matches buyers, who want to buy BTC, with spenders who are looking to spend coins.

The discount comes from buyers who exchange their Amazon credit for bitcoins. Gift card credits are hard to exchange, and Purse helps add liquidity to the market. The discount is less than using Name your Discount but offers customers an easy and fast way to buy online from Amazon. Purse Merchants makes it easy for anyone to create an online store that accepts BTC. Like eBay, Purse created a centralized database that makes it easy for buyers to spend their coins.

There is another way to sell a gift card. You can sell it directly to Purse Company. It is less beneficial if we are talking about money, but the deal executes instantly, so you get money quite faster. Additionally, the platform is rapidly gaining a following and popularity due to the great exchange rates they offer. However, CoinCards is currently available only for Canadian residents.

The rest of the world might have to patiently wait for a really long time before they plan to expand their business.

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