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Buy Bitcoin instantly in Canada with Coinberry, the only Insured, OSC & FINTRAC registered & PIPEDA compliant crypto trading platform trusted by Canadian. 1. Bitbuy – Overall Best Crypto Exchange Canada for Beginners · 2. Binance – Best Canadian Crypto Exchange with Huge Asset Selection · 3. Coinbase. The best app to buy bitcoin in Canada is the one that best meets your unique needs. But NDAX and Newton are highly recommended for their good selection of. AIRBIT BITCOIN Best canadian bitcoin best broker crypto


There are exchanges available that offer the following :. Consider which currencies you want to trade and which platforms list those currencies in one or more trading pairs:. From deposit through to trading and then withdrawing funds, how much will it cost you to buy and sell crypto on each platform from start to finish? Remember to consider your payment method, the currencies you want to use and any discounts you may be entitled to when completing these calculations.

Are there any limits on the amount you can deposit into your account or the amount of cryptocurrency you can buy or sell per transaction or per day? Also check whether there are any restrictions on how much you can withdraw from your account. Remember, minimum and maximum limits may apply, so check the fine print to be sure the platform is a good fit for the size of trades you want to place. How can you access your trading account? Many platforms offer web browser trading only, but some also offer mobile and even desktop trading apps.

Is there any way you can access reduced trading fees? Is there a tiered fee structure that rewards high-volume traders with reduced fees? Compare exchange rates across a handful of different crypto exchanges and you might be surprised to find just how much they can differ from one platform to the next.

The level of liquidity on an exchange affects the ease and speed with which you can complete trades. One of the biggest benefits of trading on larger crypto exchanges is that they get enough orders to be able to match buyers and sellers without any difficulty. However, low liquidity can lead to substantial price fluctuations.

If privacy is important to you when trading cryptocurrency, there are some platforms that allow you to transact anonymously. Many other platforms will require you to verify your account before allowing you to trade. Verification requirements vary between exchanges, but you may need to provide some or all of the following:. Finally, be aware that some exchanges will require you to complete additional verification tasks in order to unlock full account features and higher transaction limits.

How long will it take for your transaction to be completed? How soon are account withdrawals processed? Being forced to miss out on a trading opportunity because your trading funds took too long to arrive into your exchange account can be a frustrating experience. Spending day after day waiting for a withdrawal to arrive in your bank account or crypto wallet can also be extremely stressful, so check average processing times before you register.

Security is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a crypto exchange. History is littered with many famous examples of exchanges being hacked and unsuspecting users falling victim to theft and fraud, so make sure you do your research into what security measures are in place to protect your funds. Questions you should ask include the following:.

Though authorities around the world are starting to catch up to the rapid growth of crypto exchanges, the industry as a whole is still lightly regulated. How an exchange is regulated depends on where it is based, so do your research to find out whatever information you can about the platform operators. Currently, there is minimal regulation when it comes to Canadian cryptocurrency exchange operators.

As always, check the fine print to find out whether any of these geographical restrictions apply to you. This is a crucial but often overlooked factor when comparing crypto exchanges. Use our table to quickly compare crypto exchanges on fees, fiat currencies, deposit methods and more.

Bitcoin exchanges accept all sorts of deposit methods, including the following:. Cryptocurrency brokers often offer the simplest and most convenient way to buy cryptocurrency. Buying Bitcoin or any altcoin from a broker is essentially like purchasing from a cryptocurrency shop — the broker buys digital coins or tokens at wholesale rates, adds their own margin on top and then sells the currency on to you. Brokers offer a quick and straightforward entry into the world of cryptocurrency. Their platforms are designed to be easy to use and you can pay for your crypto purchase with your everyday fiat currency, often even by using a credit or debit card.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are the most widely used platforms for buying and selling digital currency. They connect crypto buyers with crypto sellers and take a fee for facilitating each transaction. You can use these platforms to exchange cryptos at the current market rate or at a specified limit, while some sites also offer more advanced features like stop-loss orders.

Crypto trading platforms tend to provide access to a more diverse range of currencies than brokers, and often feature charting tools to help you plan your trades. These platforms also tend to offer lower fees and better exchange rates when compared with brokers. Bitcoin and Ether are the most commonly traded currencies and feature in pairs alongside a wide range of altcoins. Crypto trading platforms can also be intimidating and confusing for new users.

These platforms allow direct peer-to-peer trading between people all around the world. The exchange acts as the middleman, with the seller able to set their own price and accepted payment methods. The main advantage of peer-to-peer exchanges is that they let you quickly and anonymously buy or sell coins with almost any kind of trade or payment method you want.

To help offset the risks, some platforms have built-in escrow features and reputation systems to identify reliable and legitimate buyers and sellers. Many but not all peer-to-peer exchanges can also be decentralized. Decentralized exchanges DEXs are hosted on a network of distributed nodes and allow you to trade cryptocurrency directly with other users. And because trades are executed using smart contracts, you can trade straight from your wallet. Find out more in our comprehensive guide to DEXs.

Not all crypto exchanges are created equal, and not all crypto buyers and sellers have the same trading needs. Check out our reviews on a range of leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada and around the world. Compare the features, fees and pros and cons of each Bitcoin exchange and consider how they align with your trading requirements.

Compare cryptocurrency exchanges. Download cryptocurrency statistics PDF. The list of currencies available varies widely from one exchange to the next. Some Bitcoin exchanges will only offer Bitcoin or a select few currencies while others support hundreds, but there's no guarantee that all the cryptos you want to buy and sell will be available on any one platform.

While regulators are gradually implementing laws and guidelines to help protect consumers against fraud, there are still plenty of sketchy exchange operators out there. Falling victim to theft is a major concern for any crypto buyer. Read our guide to cryptocurrency scams for a checklist to help you avoid falling victim to fake or disreputable exchanges. You may want to consider using the services of an over-the-counter OTC broker in order to avoid slippage.

Check out our guide to OTC services for more details. Take a look at our cryptocurrency margin trading guide for more information. You can view hour trading volume for crypto exchanges on sites like CoinMarketCap. In order to comply with these regulations, exchange operators must gather certain details about their customers — which is why you may be asked to provide proof of ID.

This process is typically referred to as "know your customer" or KYC. You can buy Bitcoin on any crypto exchange in Canada. The best one depends on your situation as we explained above. To help you choose the best one, consider the following:. Yes, there are. Check out our guides on Binance vs. Bittrex and Binance vs. You can also read our full review of Binance here. Looking for the best altcoin exchange in Canada? We recommend Kucoin.

Remember, the best exchange depends on your situation. You can compare altcoin exchanges in our guide using the following criteria:. Thanks to its popularity, Binance offers some of the best trading fees on the market. Check out of full Binance review here. Two of the biggest and most well-known cryptocurrency brokers are Coinbase and Coinberry. We assessed the level of beginner-friendliness by looking for exchanges that offer direct fiat purchases, have a managed cryptocurrency wallet for customers, use a clean and intuitive user interface, allow quick sign ups and have a reputation for good customer service.

To be one of the best beginner-friendly exchanges, a platform had to be a broker where customers can simply buy cryptocurrency from the exchange, rather than needing to deal with other traders on the open market. Being a regulated exchange with specific legally-enshrined consumer protections was highly regarded. To be eligible in this category, an exchange naturally needs to offer fiat currency purchases.

We then compared exchanges with the objective of finding one where any eligible customer who wanted to buy cryptocurrency with their local currency could, regardless of their preferred payment method. Variety of payment methods, including some with low or no deposit fees, some which can be processed instantly and cash payment facilities, were highly regarded. We assessed 0. We then looked for the exchanges which have no hidden costs such as excessive withdrawal fees, and which have options for reducing fees even further, such as different trading fee tiers and other ways of reducing fees.

The value of these fee reduction techniques was judged based on how much they reduced fees by and how accessible they are to a wide range of users. Cryptocurrency selection was judged on sheer range of cryptocurrencies, but also strongly considers how quickly exchanges typically are to list newly-released cryptocurrencies, and how often an exchange is the first major platform to list a given token.

For example, a platform that is equally suitable for an experienced or inexperienced trader, or a frequent or infrequent trader, would be judged more positively than a more narrowly-focused platform. We also considered fees, liquidity, selection of cryptocurrencies, the ability to go both long and short on cryptocurrencies, access to leverage, advanced trade types, bot or API trading support and other features. James Hendy is a writer for Finder.

After developing a keen interest in traditional financial investing, James transitioned across to the cryptocurrency markets in Writing for cryptocurrency exchanges, he has documented some of the key blockchain technological advancements. James has a Masters of Science from the University of Leeds and when he isn't writing, you will either find him down at the beach, reading coffee in hand or at the nearest live music event.

Learn about Shakepay, a Canadian crypto exchange. Bitvo is a premium cryptocurrency exchange in Canada with zero-fee trading and superior customer service. Netcoins is the first publicly traded cryptocurrency exchange. It offers easy onboarding and added security as a result of being publicly listed. Newton is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of coins with low-cost fees. Learn about the cryptocurrencies WazirX offers as well as its fees and incentives.

A complete review of the AscendEX exchange, covering trading and DeFi features, associated fees, regulation and security. Is AscendEX right for you? Click here to cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Optional, only if you want us to follow up with you. Our goal is to create the best possible product, and your thoughts, ideas and suggestions play a major role in helping us identify opportunities to improve. While we are independent, the offers that appear on this site are from companies from which finder.

We may receive compensation from our partners for placement of their products or services. We may also receive compensation if you click on certain links posted on our site. While compensation arrangements may affect the order, position or placement of product information, it doesn't influence our assessment of those products.

Please don't interpret the order in which products appear on our Site as any endorsement or recommendation from us. Please appreciate that there may be other options available to you than the products, providers or services covered by our service.

James Hendy. Updated Mar 30, What changed? Learn more about how we fact check. Navigate Cryptocurrency In this guide. How to choose a cryptocurrency exchange Compare over 25 cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada How to use a crypto exchange in Canada The different types of crypto exchanges Bottom line on the best crypto exchange in Canada Frequently asked questions A-Z of cryptocurrency exchanges How we looked at each of the five categories Start comparing.

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency wallets. How To Buy. A-Z list of exchanges. A-Z list of wallets. A-Z list of coin guides. NFT Finder. Our top pick for Beginners. Bitbuy Digital Currency Exchange. Our top pick for CAD. CoinSmart Cryptocurrency Exchange. Our top pick for Low fees.

Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange. Our top pick for Altcoins. KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange. Our top pick for Trading. Bitfinex Professional Trading Exchange. How we chose the best crypto exchanges in Canada. We reviewed more than 50 cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto trading platoforms compared in the table on this page.

We looked at the beginner-friendliness, suitability for fiat currency purchases, fees, cryptocurrency selection and advanced trading features of each exchange to select a stand-out in each category. You can read more in our full methodology. Best beginner-friendly crypto exchange: Bitbuy Bitbuy is an all-Canadian easy-to-use exchange, offering people of all skill levels the chance to buy, sell and trade popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

Offers buy, sell and trading options for seven popular coins, provides a wallet for customers, has customer service A simple to use default interface with the option to use a more advanced interface. Quick funding options from instant to two days, meaning you can receive your funds faster. Go to Bitbuy's website Read review. There are different trading fee tiers, with lower fees for users who hold enough BNB coins and maintain certain monthly trading volumes.

Go to Binance's website Read review. Has a solid track record of being one of the first exchanges to list exciting new projects. Has a history of listing coins before they appear on more mainstream exchanges. Go to KuCoin's website Read review. Best crypto exchange for active trading: Bitfinex Bitfinex has one of the most liquid cryptocurrency markets out of all exchanges, allowing you to buy, sell and trade over different coins.

Customize your user interface and choose from many advanced trading options. Offers margin trading, shorting and peer-to-peer markets. Go to Bitfinex's website Read review. Bitbuy users in Canada can:. Canadian crypto users can open an account at Coinbase and Coinbase Pro for advanced trading options. Traders can use a debit or credit card to make purchases or transfer funds directly from their bank accounts.

However, Coinbase only supports a little over 50 different coins. Coinbase users in Canada can:. Coinberry users in Canada can:. Kraken users in Canada can:. However, while Kraken is available in Canada, certain traders are not allowed. For example, Canadian crypto users cannot trade Ethereum tokens that have been staked for Ethereum 2. There are trading restrictions on over 20 other tokens, and crypto futures trades are banned for users in Ontario.

Gemini has a very easy-to-use interface, with similar trading options as other U. Around 45 cryptocurrencies are supported. Gemini users in Canada can:. I'm a technical writer and journalist covering cryptocurrency and tech.

I believe blockchain can build a better world - I'm here to report on how we get there. CoinMarketCap News. Best Crypto Exchanges in Canada. Table of Contents. By Kevin Dwyer. Created 10mo ago, last updated 7mo ago. CoinMarketCap breaks down some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada. Choosing a good cryptocurrency exchange is an essential step for a digital asset trader. They also have access to some reputable Canadian crypto exchanges that will be reviewed below.

Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world and is an excellent option for both advanced and newbie Canadian crypto investors. Traders can also earn revenue in various ways, for example by staking and earning interest on their crypto holdings. Binance also offers Canadian crypto traders a way to trade peer-to-peer P2P , participate in margin trading, and access more advanced trading products such as futures contracts.

However, in June , Binance pulled out of Ontario, Canada as the province became a restricted jurisdiction. These regulatory clampdowns against Binance worldwide are increasing as of late. Bitbuy formerly InstaBT is a highly reputable Canadian crypto exchange. Bitbuy Canada was founded in and has its headquarters in Toronto. It offers features that are tailored to fit Canada-specific needs, from verification methods to compliance with federal regulation and security rules.

The exchange supports a limited selection of digital assets, i. Coinbase is a platform that is incredibly easy to use. Its interface and mobile application have been praised for their streamlined and customer-friendly design. The crypto exchange reports some of the highest trading volumes in the world and remains the most popular crypto exchange in the United States. Coinbase Canada is viewed as one of the safest platforms out there, having had no major security breaches to date.

Coinbase went public on the Nasdaq stock exchange on April , becoming the first crypto exchange to become a publicly listed company. This could be seen favorably in terms of regulatory compliance, as the company has invested considerably to go to market in a regulated, compliant way.

Coinberry is another Canada-based exchange where users can quickly get started and invest in Bitcoin BTC and other popular cryptos. It charges no deposit or withdrawal fees, which is an advantage over many other exchange options.

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